A deeply hydrating cream that protects against harsh cold weather and helps relieve dry, rough and chapped skin. Its extra-rich texture melts on skin for immediate calming and soothing effects. Delivers nourishing Sea minerals and Vitamin E deep inside your skin* and seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

Moisturising Face Wash is a rich,creamy foaming cleanser enriched with sea minerals. It washes away daily sweat, dirt, dust and oil, leaving the skin feeling hydrated with the moisture veil. 

Get a Moisturising Face Wash 100g Free with 2 units of Moisturing cold cream (50gm).

Rupee 498
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  • Laminaria Japonica Extract
  • Maris Sal (Sea Salt)
  • Vitamin E
  • Spreads with a melting touch.
  • Blends into the skin as if melting, creating skin that's smooth and soft from within.
  • Protects the skin from severe dryness and prevents roughness, cracking, and flaking.
  • Hydrates the skin all day with intensive moisturizing effects.